Belarussian Wulgaria

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[edit] The United Socialistic States of Belarussian Wulgaria

The United Socialistic States of BW was founded on Saturday 30.09.06 by the Wulgarian People after the elections there Alexandr Kukashenko won,he is President.

The Republic of
Belarussian Wulgaria
Flag of BW
National motto: Long Live Kukashenko!
National anthem: "My Belarusy Wulgary"
[1] Map of Belarussian Wulgaria]
Region Liberalia
Capital Binsk
Largest City Binsk
Population +18 million
Suffrage 15, Universal
Nuclear Capability Yes,in secret
IET Status Not Member
Military Branches 5
Coat of Arms [ Belarussian Wulgaria Coat of Arms]
Major Infectious Diseases Stupidity
Official Language(s) Belarussian, Russian
Alexandr Kukashenko
Constitution Adopted 2005
Drafted in 2001
ISO Nation Code "RBW"
Currency BW Rouble BWR (BWR, )
Belarussian Wulgarian Time Zone (AST)
 • Summer (DST)
GMT +14:00
GMT +13:00
Internet TLD ".bw"
Major Rivers
 • Binsk River
 • Dniester River
 • Anreanova River
Calling Code +0009098
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower
 • Color(s)

Golf (br> Bear
Belarussian wine grapes
UN Status Never Member
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